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FYF Fanzine Contest
In a world where anybody can post anything online and have it disappear
almost instantly,why not go back and make something that’s gonna last forever?
The best fanzines are like the best records—works of art that make you
feel like you actually  know the people who made them. 

Little-known fact: the entire FYF Fest universe started with a tiny fanzine
called the Blacklist, made by founder Sean Carlson and his friends and distributed
by hand across the U.S.A. (Thanks tothe tour vans, helpful bands and couches
to crash on that made that happen!) So for FYF Fest’s ten-year anniversary, we wanted
to go back to the beginning and invite FYF fans to make fanzines of their own! And of course
we wanna give our favorite fanzine makers and soon-to-be fanzine makers an awesome prize!

What do I win?
Grand prize will be five V.I.P. passes to FYF Fest 2013, plus a $500 gift certificate to
Origami Vinyl’s
on-site FYF record store! Three runner-ups will each get a four-pack of
General Admission tickets to FYF so you can take all your friends who helped make the zine!
All tickets will be available at will-call.

The Rules
Send three physical copies of the same issue of your fanzine to:

FYF Fest
PO Box 1558
Torrance, CA 90505

Include contact info—mailing address and email, too! Entries must be post-marked
by August 8 and winners will be announced on August 15. Winners will
be picked based on creativity, personality and originality.

1.You can collaborate with as many people as you want when you
make your fanzine, but we can only give out up to five V.I.P. passes,
which will be sent to the return address you provide.

2. Zines must be all new and original content—although you can use
found material as long as you alter or manipulate it in some creative way.

3. Since the winner may be distributed at FYF Fest, please keep
content to a PG-13 level—no nudes, gore or drug-related insanity!

How To Make a Fanzine

STEP 1: 
What You Need!

What goes in a zine?

Anything you want, as long as you love it!

Make a mock up!

Get your stack of blank paper, then fold them in half and stack them til you have enough!

Fill it up! 
Art! Photos! Writing! True stories! Untrue stories! Glue it all in!

STEP 5: 
Print it!

Copy each page, then flip it over and copy the back of that page. 
Repeat until you’ve got enough copies, then staple them all together.

Now send three copies to FYF Fest so you can win!