Q: Which bands/artists will be playing each day?

A: We will be releasing the day-by-day line up closer to festival dates.

Q: When will passes be on sale?

A: Passes will be on sale Friday, April 6 at 12:00pm PT.

Q: Is FYF Fest all ages?

A: Yes. However, please note that VIP is 21+ only.

Q: What time does the festival start?

A: Check back closer to festival dates for start times.

Q: Are there ins and outs?

A: There are no ins and outs.

Q: Is there free water?

A: Bottled water will be $2 but we have hydration stations with multiple water fountains to refill your water bottle.

Q: Can I bring an empty water bottle?

A: Yes, empty plastic water bottles are allowed in the festival. Under no circumstances can you bring any type of glass, aluminum or other metal water bottles, including, but not limited to, Klean Kanteens, S’well bottles, and ANY other metal containers.

Q: Are there shade tents?

A: Yes, there are shade areas throughout the park. These areas will be easily located on the festival map.

Q: What's the camera policy?

A: Professional style cameras with detachable lenses are not allowed at festival.

Q: Can I bring my child?

A: Yes, kids 8 years of age and under are free but need to be attended by an adult 18 or over at all times.

Q: Are you hiring volunteers for the festival?

A: No.

Q. Will there be an updated FYF app?

A. Yes. If you already have the app, you will just need to update it.

Q: Will there be first aid on site?

A: Yes. Medical stations will be clearly marked on the festival map.

Q: What about bringing my medical prescriptions (asthma, insulin, etc.)?

A: Before entering the festival, please make sure all of the medications are properly labeled with name, phone number, and emergency contact. Names on prescriptions must match the person's ID. Notify a security guard at the entrance and the medical staff on site will assist you with storing your medications. Medical marijuana or marijuana of any kind is not allowed at the festival

Q. Can I breastfeed my child at the festival?

A. Yes, there will be an area in the medical tent to breastfeed or pump, but we do not have the facilities to store breast milk.

Q. Are there services, parking, and viewing areas for ADA guests?

A. Yes, we have a full range of services for our ADA guests. Please check our ADA page or email for specific questions.

Q: Will there be ATMs on site?

A: Yes. ATMs will be available at various locations, please check the festival map day of show.

Q: How do I contact FYF about press inquiries?

A: Download the 2018 FYF Fest Press/Media Application. For any other question, please email us at

Q: My question isn't on this list. How do I contact you?

A: Email us at


Q: My order is at will call – can I have someone else pick it up?

A: No, the original purchaser must be present with ID for the passes to be released.

Q: Are single day passes available?

A: Yes. Please see our Passes page for pass types and descriptions.

Q. Is there a pass purchase limit?

A. Yes, 4 per order.

Q. Will passes be available for purchase at record stores this year?

A. No, passes are only available online at

Q: After I purchased my order I noticed that my card has been billed $1.00?

A: This "authorization" is a temporary charge to your account to establish if the account is valid and contains sufficient funds for your purchase order. This $1.00 charge "falls off" your account and is NOT an extra fee.

Q: When is my wristband being shipped?

A: Please review our Shipping Information.

Q: How will I know when my passes have shipped?

A: You will receive an email when your order ships.

Q: How do I update/change my shipping address or credit card?

A: You can enter a shipping address at check out if different from your billing address. Please note the last day to update your shipping address is May 31st or within 24 hours of purchase, whichever is later. After completing your purchase: 1. Login to your account by visiting FYF's ticket purchase page. 2. Click on the "Log In" tab and login to your account. 3. Click on "Order History" in the "My Account" tab. 4. Select your order using the order number or date of purchase as reference. 5. Click on the "Edit" button next to your shipping details and then update the shipping address to where you would like the credentials sent. If for any reason you cannot log into your account please contact Ticket Purchase Support and one of the representatives will be happy to assist you.

Q: How do I update/change my email or billing address?

A: Changes to your email or billing address will not be able to be made until the on-sale. Any changes to personal information such as your billing address or email on the account can be completed by following the following steps: 1. Login to your account by visiting FYF 2018's ticket purchase page. 2. Click on the "Log In" tab and login to your account. 3. Click on the "My Account" tab. 4. Make any necessary changes to your email address or billing address information. 5. Click Submit. If for any reason you cannot log into your account please contact Ticket Purchase Support and one of the representatives will be happy to assist you.

Q: Can I use my 2-day pass on Saturday and give it to someone else on Sunday?

A: Passes are non-transferable; you will not be able to remove your pass once it has been applied to your wrist. Any passes that have been tampered with in the attempt to remove will not be valid.

Q: I didn't receive a confirmation of my purchase. What should I do?

A: No need to panic. Simply click on "Log In" from the FYF purchase page. Or you can contact Ticket Purchase Support.

Q: What type of credit card can I use to purchase passes?

A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. No other form of payment will be accepted.

Q: What is the price for a GA pass? How much is it with all fees added in? What about VIP and single day?

A: Please see our Passes page and Fee Breakdown page for details.

Q: Will I be able to see every single band on the lineup?

A: We aren't able to guarantee that you will be able to see or hear every artist at the festival. Some artists are performing on stages with limited audience capacity and it's possible that multiple artists you may want to see are playing at the same time on separate stages. The lineups are subject to change due to possible artist cancellations or switching days. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer a refund if you are unable to view all your desired performances.


Q: Are payment plans available?

A: Payment plans will be available on all pass types when passes go on sale.

Q: I accidentally checked out and paid in full. Can I change my order to Payment Plan?

A: Unfortunately no, once an order is processed and paid in full we can't change it to an Payment Plan order.

Q: Can I pay off my Payment Plan early or update my credit card?

A: Yes, for both. Please contact Ticket Purchase Support.

Q: Can I change the date of my automatic withdrawal?

A: No. The date of your scheduled payment cannot be changed. You will be charged the same day of each month that you made your initial purchase on.